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Arlene VanderDussen, ARNP MN

I received a Baccalaureate in Nursing degree from Azusa Pacific University in May 1990. While there I was active in student leadership. I was the recipient of clinical awards for excellence in psychiatry and in community health nursing. I became licensed as a registered nurse in 1990. I worked in two different roles at Children's Hospital Los Angeles on a medical-surgical floor for children of all ages. Thereafter I worked for seven years for the city of Pasadena, California as a public health nurse. In this capacity I worked in various public health settings including high risk prenatal care for teens, HIV testing and treatment, well-child care, communicable disease control, and child abuse prevention and identification.

I received a Master of Science degree from the University of Washington School of Nursing in December 2000. My degree is in psychosocial nursing of children and adolescents. In my study there I was trained in various therapies, including narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, developmental therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and parent education treatment. This training included coursework in neurobiology and psychopharmacology and emphasized research-based decision-making in clinical practice. I did my thesis research on families who had participated in parent education for children with conduct disorders. Specifically, I examined the incidence of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem in children with depressed mothers.

I treat a wide variety of disorders, most commonly, Attention Deficit disorders, Anxiety, Depression Bi-Polar disorder and mild to moderate eating disorders. I prescribe psychiatric medication and perform psychotherapy with children, adolescents and young adults. My approach is a blend of neurobiological, cognitive-behavioral and strength-based developmental therapies. I believe strongly in the development of a relationship of trust and support as the foundation for psychiatric care. My over riding goal for my patients is the long term development of healthy behaviors that promote emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.